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The School Day

The School Day

Key Daily Times

Below is an example of a typical day. Please see individual class pages for specific times. 

Class Assemblies or Themed Assemblies are at 9.05am on a Monday morning.

Celebration Assemblies take place on Friday and we currently have three different ones at various times in the day.

Whole School Reflection takes place in all our assemblies and in class on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


8:30amChildren and families welcomed onto the playground
8:40amDoors opened & children make way to their classroms
8:40am - 9.00amChat and Play
9.00amClass Registers Close
10:00am - 10.15amMorning Break time for Year 3 and Year 4
10:20am - 10.40amMorning Break time for Year 1 and Year 2
10:45am - 11.00amMorning Break time for Year 5 and Year 6
11.15am - 12.15pmLunch Time for Nursery and Reception
11.30am - 12.15pmLunch Time for Year 2; Year 3 and Year 4
11.45am - 12.30pmLunch Time for The Oak
12.00pm - 12.45pmLunch Time for Year 1
12.15pm - 1.00pmLunch Time for Year 5 and Year 6
1.30pm - 1.45pmAfternoon Break time for Year 3 and 4
1.55pm - 2.15pmAfternoon Break time for Year 1 and 2
2.15pm - 2.30pmAfternoon Break time for Year 5 and 6
3:00pmEnd of School Day for Nursery
3:15pmEnd of School Day for Reception - 6