Year 5

Teachers: Mrs Carroll (4/5C)

Mrs Dunne (5D)

Mr Early (5E)

LSAs: Miss Cochrane, Ms Bradshaw, Mrs Brown and Mrs Thompson

During the current national lockdown, we are offering the children learning from home a combination of daily "live lessons" taught through zoom, work to be completed on Seesaw and links to video lessons, as well as activities to support the wider curriculum. It is our intention to ensure the children are still moving through the whole curriculum, and gaining the knowledge, skills and understanding we would have been teaching across the year in school, as far as possible, despite the current restrictions.

The government requires that schools provide a minimum of 4 hours of work per day, for children in Year 5 and 6, and that this is a blend of different types of work and activity. Please see below of a suggested timetable for your child for the next two weeks. 

If you are struggling to access the work due to restrictions with internet access, or devices, please speak to the class teacher, to see how we may be able to support. All work is also being produced in a paper format to go alongside the live lessons, for parents and children who prefer to complete their work by hand and photograph to upload to Seesaw for feedback. 

Suggested home learning timetable

The children can share the work they produce with their class teacher for feedback through seesaw. 

Each child has a unique login for the website/app, please speak to your class teacher if you are having any difficulties accessing this. 

To log in the first time, go to and click, I'm a student. Enter the 16 digit text code provided by your teacher. You will then be able to see all the work being set for you in the activities section. Once you have completed your work online, click the green "done" tick to send it to your teacher. They will look at it and let you know how you are doing. If you want to do the work on paper instead, you can take a photograph of your work, and send this to the teacher very easily using the "add" button. 

Helpful parent guide to using Seesaw

Continue to use Epic for online reading

Continue to use TTRockstars to practise your times tables daily in maths

Use the Oak Academy website to help with any other areas of the curriculum you would like extra work in.

BBC Bitesize is another useful website to revisit learning