Year 3

Urban Pioneers

Year 3 went to Manchester’s Northern Quarter to study the street art there.

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They studied and compared different street art, followed maps to find the art, identified the artist by looking for their tag and discussed the differences between graffiti and street art.

The children had a fantastically educational and fun day in the city!

Year 3 Visit to Chimney Pot Park

We took the children to Chimney Pot Park to investigate how playground equipment is made.

We studied the materials that had been used and thought about the reasons why they had been chosen.

We had a fantastic afternoon and found some time at the end to test out the equipment too!

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Year 3 have been writing stories about Horrid Henry's Sleepover.

We had a sleepover last Monday, where the children got to wear their PJs, eat popcorn, have a dance competition, play musical statues and finally pretend to go to sleep...  (but not for long!)
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