World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017

Please take a look at the selection of photographs chosen from across the year groups.

Say Hello to the Dinosaurs with the children from our Nursery!

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Whole School Story

This a story all about four children, two girls and two boys. They are the best of friends and love to spend their time exploring the places near their home.


Abdullah, Michael, Lorena and Mia.

Chapter 1

The children discover something mysterious near Michael’s back gate.

Chapter 2

The children are transported to a far away place, they are scared and excited.

Chapter 3

In a far away place, the children are confronted by an evil monster. How will they escape?

Chapter 4

Lost in a far away land, the children discover a secret object of enormous power. How will it help?

Chapter 5

The children use an object with special power to escape the far away land, but something terrible goes wrong.

Chapter 6

Finally, after escaping monster and becoming lost in the far away land. The children find a way of using the magical object to return home.