Science at Lark Hill

 A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world, as well as working towards a better future.  At our school, we try to make science as much fun as possible; whether that’s hunting for mini-beasts around our school grounds, learning about forces at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, or conducting experiments in our classrooms. Investigations are also a huge part of making science lessons at our school as interesting as possible – because that’s how we learn best. Whether we are learning about Biology, Chemistry or Physics, we use our naturally inquisitive natures to refine our skills of investigation to answer questions.


The Nursery children have been reading the traditional tale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and have been using the junk modelling materials to investigate which is the most suitable for a bridge. The Reception children have been developing their understanding of science through the theme of ‘Growing’. First they investigated a range of seeds and bulbs and talked about what they already knew about how seeds grow. They observed seeds, plants and flowers in our classroom and in the natural environment and made comments about what they had observed and talked about changes.  They visited the garden in school and used their senses to describe the herbs, flowers, plants and trees they observed. They have been identifying parts of the flower using vocabulary such as seed, root, stem, leaves and petal. They also planted seeds and identified the things seeds need to grow. The children made predictions about what would happen. 


KS1 children have been exploring the difference between objects and the materials they are made from. They have been practically identifying materials and discussing their suitability for objects using their knowledge of their properties. They have enjoyed conducting investigations to identify how the shape of solid objects made from materials can be changed. They have also been learning about the inventor Charles Macintosh. The children added PVA glue, wax, crayon and Pritt Stick glue to paper to identify which material could be used to make paper more waterproof. 


In KS2 science we have had lots of fun! In Years 3 and 4 children have been learning about preserving, and experimented to see the best way to preserve a mummy back in Egypt! Years 5 and 6 learned about Charles Darwin's    evolution of man, and looked at how scientists find fossils to teach them about the past. 


Please see the science National Curriculum link below: 

Lark Hill Intent Document for Science