School Dinners - Find out what's for dinner this week!

Our School meals are provided by Salford City Wide - and external company.  All meals are cooked on site and children always have a choice of a three main hot meals.  One of these choices is always a jacket potato. 


High quality ingredients

City Wide menus are constantly updated and are freshly prepared by Sarah our school cook who uses only the highest quality ingredients. City Wide are proud that they carefully select their suppliers and use British sourced products and free range eggs. 


Salad bars

Salad bars are proving to be as popular as ever!  We serve a wide range of fresh crisp salad items daily. They are a fantastic way to add five-a-day into your child's diet! As they help themselves, children take what they like so they are more likely to eat the complete meal.

We actively support the five-a-day campaign and encourage all our parents to continue to do the same!