As part of our Key Stage 2 PE curriculum, Year 4 go to Clarendon Leisure Centre for a term and a half to learn how to swim. The aim for our children is to be safe, competent and confident swimmers by the time they leave the school, this means they will be able to swim 25m confidently, know how to keep safe in the water and be able to perform a competent self-rescue. We are currently working to address the challenge of every child being able to meet the minimum national curriculum requirements. As our local area has a high number of canals and other bodies of water, as a school we are very passionate about meeting these targets.

To address this and provide a consistent approach, we have a designated "swimming champion" who has a passion for young people learning how to swim. Andrew Quigley, our PE teacher, has taken on this role. 


Percentage of Year 6 Achieving 2018-19 

Swimming 25m confidently, competently and proficiently – 31%

Use a range of strokes – 27%

Perform Safe Self-Rescue – 11%