Parent Questionnaire 2016

Last summer we asked all our parents to complete our online parent questionnaire.  We had 207 responses. 

  • 98% of you said that your child is happy at school.

·         97% said you feel your child feels safe at school.

·         98% said that you feel your child makes good progress at school

·         98.5% child is well looked after at school.

·         95.5% of you feel that homework through IXL, reading books online and spellings are appropriate.

·         92% would like more homework for their child.

·         98% said that we make sure children are well behaved at school.

·         93% of you feel that we tackle bullying effectively.

·         99% of you said that our school is a welcoming place to be.

·         99% feel that the school is well led and managed and

·         98 % feel the school has a good range of after school clubs

We had some fantastic comments such as:

My daughter loves to come to school and talks a lot about how encouraging her teachers are. she is confident and has a strong belief in herself and knows what she can accomplish” and “I would like to thank every staff member in the school for the lovely and friendly atmosphere they are providing for our kids and also for their support to parents.”


We also have some things to work on that you have told us about.   In our plans this year we will be looking at

·         homework and we can help you all to help our children more at home with their studies.

·         revising our social and emotional curriculum so that our children and our systems help support children from bullying, keeping them safer online and helping them to be safer in the community.


Thank you again for all your comments. The governors and Ieadership team found them really helpful in planning our year ahead.  For more detailed plans on how we are developing our school this year, follow the link below.