Home Learning for Nursery Children



Each morning, check on Tapestry as there will be a new task set for your child. These will include literacy tasks, maths tasks, mark making ideas, fine motor development, ideas to help build independence or activities to develop speaking and listening.

On a Monday afternoon, there will be a bank of ideas added for supporting your child's wider development. These activities can be completed during the afternoons throughout the rest of the week, you may want to repeat those your children enjoy! Remember to take lots of pictures and add observations of the activities you do at home.



Your child will also be invited to three zoom sessions per week with their class teacher. One session will focus on Phonics, a further session will be a story time and the final session Maths. Sometimes there may be some follow up activities added to Tapestry!


Miss Moran:

Monday (10.30AM), Wednesday (10.30AM), Friday (10.30AM)


Miss Wilkinson

Tuesday (10.30AM), Wednesday (10.45AM), Thursday (10.30AM



Children also have access to 'EPIC', an online library of stories. Many of the stories on the APP have a 'read to me' option. There are hundreds of books available.