Competitions Autumn Term

2020 has been a tricky year when it comes to competition. With no schools able to travel in order to limit social contact it would be easy to just say that competition is cancelled in 2020.But, here at Lark Hill, we value the importance of competitions and with help from the Salford Schools Sport Partnership we have found ways of entering virtual competitions.


Sports Hall Athletics

Our year 6 children all took part the Sports Hall Athletics tournament. The children participated in 5 events which involved: running, jumping and throwing. Their results were sent off and compared with other schools from Salford.

Over all our children can be very proud of coming 7th out of all the primary schools in Salford.


Cross country

Volunteers from year 6 took part in a timed mile around the school grounds. Our children came in a respectable 10th place when compared to the other schools in Salford. Maybe with some more practice at the daily mile we can improve our performances.


Well done Lark Hill

Keep your eyes peeled for information on any other competitions in the new year.