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Science is the study of the universe and everything in it! Every aspect of life is touched by science, from our relationship with the living world to the origins of life and the universe itself. Scientists are inquisitive, they develop theories then test these in the real world through experimentation. Our pupils follow this scientific process at Christ Church and Lewis Street making real discoveries for themselves as they progress through school, investigating the world around them from our nursery onwards. During science our pupils will plan to collect data, observe the world around them, analyse their findings and evaluate their experiments. Throughout our science provision we commit that 'Every child will have the opportunity to participate in the scientific process by discovering something directly from observation and using this (and other data) to make an analysis of a scientific phenomenon.'

To develop and nurture inquisitive and enthusiastic scientists we understand that the teaching of science must be:


Children participate and learn through first-hand experiences that makes use of their environment including outdoor provisions.


Adults engage with the children to make science fun and exciting and to promote awe and wonder into students learning.


We have a language-rich environment where children have the confidence to speak scientifically.


We nurture and advance curious minds through questioning and experiences that will not only secure knowledge but challenge, extend and deepen the thought process.


Learning is relatable to the children; taught science has its foundations in ‘real life’ where students can use, apply and build upon their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.