Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome everybody to the Year 6 section of the website. 

Class Teachers: 6B Mrs Buckley / Miss Blackburn

6D Miss Deighan

Focus groups: Miss Blackburn

LSAs: Mrs Bell and Miss Cochrane

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask one of the Year 6 team, or contact the school office on 0161 921 1390 and somebody will call you back at the earliest opportunity. 

Reading at home

In Year 6, it is important that you read with your child at least 5 times a week and sign their reading record. The children are expected to have their reading book in school everyday, so please make sure they are brought in for reading time in class. All children will now have read to an adult and been given a book which is the correct level for their reading. If your child seems to be finding their book too easy, or too hard, please make a note in the reading record so we know. Children can also take a book from the class library at any level, to read for pleasure. 

As you know, school have provided all children with a new reading folder to protect their reading books on the journey to school and back. Please ensure that these are looked after, and treated with the respect and reverence due to a really good book!

In addition to our school reading book and library books, children have access to an online library through the app getEpic. Class codes have been shared in reading records. Please contact the class teacher if you need any further support with this. 


As well as regularly reading at home, children will be bringing spellings home to learn. They will be tested on this each week, so please make sure that they have learnt them. All children should have access to so please make sure they are regularly practising to keep their speed up. 


Year 6 have PE on a Thursday. 

Year 6 have dance on a Friday.


PE Kit is a compulsory part of our uniform and children are asked to come to school in their PE kits on their PE day. This comprises of a plain white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers/black pumps for inside. They may wear leggings or tracksuit bottoms on colder days. Children cannot attend school on PE days in any other form of sports wear. It must be the school PE kit. 

Please ensure that all children have their names written on each item of clothing (including coats) so that they can be easily returned if misplaced.

Water bottles and snacks

Don't forget to bring a water bottle to school each day - it is important for children to stay hydrated throughout the day, and due to Covid-19 guidelines, the water fountains in school are not currently accessible to children. Please label bottles and refill them each day.

Children are welcome to bring a healthy snack such as fruit and vegetables to school each day for snack time. Milk can be purchased at the start of each term (please speak to the school office about this). Breadsticks can  be purchased through parentpay. These are given to the children at morning break as a snack, and money raised is used to fund additional learning opportunities like school visits and materials for lessons. 


As part of our recovery curriculum, we have used the first weeks of term to revise and assess where children may have gaps in learning. Planning for the remainder of this school year will be a combination of revisiting core concepts to secure understanding, as well as moving forward with out White Rose curriculum, to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum coverage.

Our new focus this half term will be percentages, algebra and ratio. Throughout this, we will be revisiting and refining our procedural understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be developing our understanding of efficient strategies, including mental calculations, jottings and the formal written strategies. This will be embedded through problem solving and reasoning to ensure a full mastery understanding. 


Our shared reading text in class for this half term is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We will be reading daily, as well as watching mini-clips from the movie to support our visualisation of the characters and action. The children are incredibly excited by this book, and have been very keen so far!

We will exploring this text through daily reading practise and will answer comprehension questions each week to ensure we have fully understood what has been read. Why don't you ask me to keep you up to date with what is happening to the characters in the story each week?

As the term progresses, we will be using the text as a stimulus for our writing. We will be revising all the writing skills we have learnt since Year 2, and independently applying them to a range of contexts and genres. 


If you would like to sneak a peak at the first chapter of our book, it can be read here:


I hope parents and families enjoy it as much as your children are doing!

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief


Our first week back has been British Science Week. As part of our return to school, we thought it would be fun to revisit our favourite science memories from Y1 -5. We chose many experiments to revisit to see if we really remembered them as well as we thought. We have looked at them again, with a Year 6 understanding of the world, to see what new things we can learn from the same experiments.

Our science focus this half term is Animals and their Habitats. We will be learning about how animals are categorised according to their different features, how ecosystems work together to support the life within, and how animals are specially adapted to suit their environment. We will learn about the ideas of natural selection and evolution. 



Religious Education

This term in RE, we will be exploring the question, ‘What matters most to Christians and Humanists?’ We will explore what this means in the context of difference belief systems, and share our own experiences. 



With the support of Salford Youth Service and Salford Educational Psychology Service, we use the Second Step programme to teach P.S.H.E in Year 6. We are also following the Jigsaw curriculum to deliver the National Curriculum. These lessons will be delivered by Year 6 staff team, with the support and help from Salford Youth Service. You can find out more information about Second Step here More information about our Jigsaw curriculum can be found on the website at