We believe that good behaviour and discipline within our school are essential if children are to learn and teachers teach effectively. As staff we work hard to create a supportive and calm school environment in which the rights and responsibilities of everyone within the school community are understood, valued and upheld.


We are proud of the positive atmosphere and behaviour at Lark Hill Community Primary School and it is this atmosphere that drives forward learning and lifelong achievement. 


Our Values


The following values inform our behaviour policy and our expectations of members of our school community:


  • Respect underpins everything we do and say.
  • Everybody's right to learn and teach in a welcoming, safe, caring, well-organised and stimulating school environment;
  • The involvement of children, staff, governors, parents and carers in the decision-making processes of the school;
  • Equality of opportunity and regard for all, through the nurturing of positive self-esteem.


Our Approach

Our approach to behaviour and discipline in School is built on four fundamental beliefs.  This is that everyone in our School has:

  • The right to be respected by others;
  • The right to learn and to teach;
  • The right to feel safe;
  • The right to be heard.

We believe these rights are most likely to be achieved when there are clear rules and people understand their responsibilities.


How do we do this?

We teach the children how to solve their own problems through discussion, so they learn how to think things through and talk together until they agree;

Through our support we help them to develop the ability to take responsibility for their own actions and to see the links between their own behaviour and the consequences of their actions;

We speak assertively to disruptive pupils, using language that is decisive, firm and clear;

We aim to approach discipline in a positive and consistent way;

We use a system of traffic lights so that children have a visual clear signal if they are disruptive;

We highlight positive behaviour choices and reward these;

Children are encouraged to offer their points of view and express their feelings within this framework.