Spring attendance reward winners!

Here are some pictures of children who have earned their Bronze and silver badges for 100% attendance -
Bronze 100% Spring term
Silver 100% Autumn and Spring term

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Every school day counts towards your child’s future.   Days absent from school add up to lost learning. In total there are 175 non-school days a year.  This gives families the opportunity to

  • Spend time together
  • Go on family  visits
  • Go on holiday
  • Go shopping
  • Go on days out
  • Attend routine appointments

For safeguarding and educational reasons, schools must follow up all unexplained and unexpected  absence in a timely manner, such as through “First Day Calling” procedures.

The Law regarding school attendance states that if you allow your child to be absent from school without good reason, you are committing an offence which could result in a Penalty Notice being issued or prosecution. Dept of Education 2013


Nursery and Reception


Doors open at 8.45am

Registers taken at 9.00 am

Any child arriving after 9.00 am must be taken to the office and signed in as arriving late.

Any child arriving after 9.15am will be marked as an unauthorised late and this will affect your child’s attendance record.

Children are to be collected from the classroom at 3.00pm.


Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

8.50am Children should be lined up in the playground to be taken in by the class teacher.

9.00am Registers are taken.

Any child arriving after 9.00am must be taken to the office and signed in as late.

Any child arriving after 9.15am will be marked as an unauthorised late and this will affect your child’s attendance record.



If your child has an appointment you must  notify the office in advance and provide a copy of the appointment slip or letter.

Children are to be collected from the office for any appointments and given a pass to be out of school.  After the appointment they should return to the office and be signed in before returning to class. 



Should your child be absent, please ring school before 10 o’clock.  You must advise school as to the reason for your child’s absence from school.  Evidence will need to be provided, such as a medical note, doctor’s note or medicine that your child is taking. 

Don’t forget to ring school before 10 am should your child be absent from school.  0161 921 1390


Holidays/leave absence from school

 Lark Hill Primary School cannot authorise holidays in term time.  The Head Teacher will only grant leave of absence in extraordinary circumstances.  A detailed of circumstances can be found in our full policy available to download from our Policies section.  

Should you decide to take your child on holiday in term you will be served with a fine by Salford City Council.  Payment within 21 days of receipt of notice is £60.00 and £120.00 if paid after this but within 28 days. The fine will apply to each parent for each child who fails to attend regularly.  Both Penalty Notices must be paid. For example, in a family where there are two parents who fail to ensure the regular attendance of their two children, the fine would be £240.00 for each parent. 


Poor punctuality

Being frequently late for school adds up to lost learning:

▪ Arriving 5 minutes late every day adds up to over 3 days lost each year.

▪ Arriving 15 minutes late every days is the same as being absent for  10 days year.

▪ Arriving 30 minutes late every day is the same as being absent for 20 days a year.


Attendance Rewards

Friday afternoon was a reward afternoon for those children who’s attendance was above 95% for the Autumn term.

Children could choose from 4 activities – disco/cartoons/sport/art.

Children who achieved 100% attendance with no lates enjoyed two of the activities across the afternoon.

Parents, if your children are in school and on time this term, the more chance they will have of joining in the fun of the reward afternoon after the Easter holidays!