The AQA Unit Award Scheme

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How the Unit Award Scheme (UAS) helps your learners

  • Rewards students for short units of work.

  • Provides the building blocks of a broad and balanced alternative curriculum.

  • Supports, motivates and gives a positive experience of learning.

  • Can be used as a stepping stone to other awards and or qualifications.

  • Can help improve life chances.

  • Provides clear short or long term accreditation pathways to meet individual student’s needs.

    The AQA Unit Award Scheme is invaluable as it is an important pathway for our students to receive accreditation for their achievements. It provides a wide range of units which are differentiated, making accreditation accessible to all pupils regardless of their ability. Furthermore, through allowing amendments and writing our own units, we are able to expand and customise units to our pupil's individual learning interests and needs.