Year 6 Kit List

This is a suggested list of items to pack for the residential to Buttermere. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Please do not bring electrical items, jewellery or valuables. 




T-shirts and long sleeved shirts (at least 5)



Waterproof jacket






Trousers or leggings (enough for the activities and clean ones for evenings)



Underwear and socks



Clothes for the evenings (party on Thursday night)



Suitable nightwear/pyjamas



Trainers/sturdy shoes (walking boots if already have them)



Dry/clean shoes for evenings






Plastic drinks bottle



Labelled bin/carrier bag for wet and dirty clothing



Wash bag (soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush and deodorant)



Provisions for sun – shorts, sunhat, sun cream



Packed lunch for the day of departure (unless on school dinners)



Prescription medication



Small amount of spending money (less than £10)