Improving our School

The aim of our work is to fulfill our school vision and ensure  we enable our children to excel.   Each year we write a development plan  that sets out the school’s strategy for improvement.  The plan is developed through discussion  and consultation with children, parents, staff and governors and is informed by school self-evaluation that took place in July 2017.   It is informed by our analysis of our assessment information as well as our evaluations of our children and parents questionnaires.   The plan also incorporates the school’s response to the recommendations made in its last Ofsted inspection report. We evaluate and refine the plan as we move through the year. 


From our work evaluation in Summer 2017 we have identified the following key issues for 2017-2018.


  • Maintain attendance for all children 96% or better, which is sustained throughout the year
  • To ensure all teaching over time is good or better 
  • To increase the percentage of each year group working at the national expectation of 65% in Reading, Writing and Maths combined, as well as progress being 0.5 or better across the whole school
  • To continue to develop a robust leadership team at all levels, including making sure all stakeholders are held to account for their areas of responsibility